Friday, April 6, 2012


Seems that skulls aren´t a reason to fear anymore and have claim their rightful place on the world of fashion and arts. Personally I´m not mad about them but there are a couple of things to consider, like the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarfs, The Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling or Rick Genest and the amazing "Go Beyond the Cover" commercial.

Parece que as caveiras já não são motivo de susto e reclamaram o seu merecido lugar no mundo da moda e das artes. Pessoalmente não sou maluca por esta tendencia mas acredito que ha um par de coisinhas a ter em conta, como os lenços de caveiras de Alexander McQueen, The Book of Skulls de Faye Dowling, ou o incrível anuncio "Go Beyond the Cover" com o Rick Genest.

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarfs 

The Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling

Rick Genest



  1. I love skulls, the skulls gives to our look a nice style , different.
    Really like your google i saw several posts and its lovely. there is mine, in case you could have a look, would be lovely to see you around.... ;) ;)

    keep posting !!!!


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