Thursday, February 21, 2013

Got To Love Guerrilla Marketing!

If you´ve been seen the blog for a while now, you´ll know, if you just met my corner recently you will now notice, that I am a marketeer, and so I´m a true lover of Guerrillha Marketing actions (those actions that take, mainly on the street, surprising people and making the brand and product notice by shoking and funny stuff). This one of the new Nivea Deo Stress Protect is just awesome, and I´ve already tried the deo, so it actually works!


  1. Do que a nivea se foi lembrar, mas na verdade suamos imenso em situações de stress. Bem lembrado!

  2. I love your blog!so i'm following you!XoXo from

  3. jajajaja Dios mío que mal rato le han hecho pasar a la pobre!
    me ha encantado


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