Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Givenchy Love

I must tell you that nowadays there´s an overflow of fashion anywhere we look, new designers coming up with their fresh and innovative ideas. But there are still some Maisons that kept their essence, charm and elegance along the years, Givenchy is definitely one of them  and one of my favorite brands of all times. Just love it!

Nos dias de hoje há moda por onde quer que olhemos, novos designers a surgirem com ideias frescas e novas. Mas ainda há Maisons que conseguiram manter a sua essência, charme e elegancia  ao longo dos anos, Givenchy é definitivamente uma delas e uma das minhas marcas favoritas de sempre. Simplesmente adoro!


  1. hey, right on time for the new post! the 6th one is my favorite, and that dress on the last pic is just fabulous!

    follow you now, here and on bloglovin' (*54) and hope you'll do the same. see you around!

  2. Gosto imenso do 4º vestido.
    Mas há outros que não chamam muito a minha atenção.

  3. Originalidade, criatividade e cor! GOSTO!

  4. These are great fall looks! Thanks for posting as they provide inspiration. I enjoy your personal style as well. Following you now… please have a look at my style blog as well!


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