Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Rachel

Rachel Zoe is known to be one of the best stylist of the moment and it´s always confirm just by looking at her! I´ve found this pic of her and I totally love the way she dressed her beach wrap, a perfect idea for these summer days don´t you think?
A Rachel Zoe é conhecida por ser uma das melhores stylist do momento e basta olhar para ela para ter a confirmar que tem de facto um estilo impecável! Encontrei esta foto dela e adorei como vestiu a canga, uma ideia perfeita para estes dias de verão não acham?


  1. The outfit looks nice she looks like skeleton, that's not healthy...

  2. She has no boobs to wear this outfit. But it so perfect for the beach look :)

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  3. This really is the perfect summer look!


  4. Beautiful photo!


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